Meet Slam

Slam is the premier basketball and pop culture platform that taps in directly to millions of people. Slam has partnered with Vote4Me to lend their platform to youth activists to encourage their communities to vote. We all  recognize what’s at stake.

Inspiring interviews of young community changemakers
hosted by Vote4Me youth journalists

Adam Miller

Dominique Darius


SLAM has published over 200 issues in its history, featuring the biggest names in basketball on its cover. For the first time in history, slam has changed its iconic cover to mobilize voters across the country!
We are proud to introduce our Vote4me x Slam Vote 100!


Jobs for young people

Access to Emergency Relief Jobs in student mutual aid to earn students monthly stipends.

House students

Use college gyms, showers and locker rooms during pandemic to house homeless students allowing them access to food, showers, WiFi and technology

Feed students

Establish student food distribution centers through grants and established food distributors

Improving Community Safety

Redirect $23 million Sheriff's contract to fund opportunity, prevention and rehabilitation by funding longer library hours, transfer centers, academic advising and trained mental health social workers and psychologists
Partner with locally owned security enterprises with local employment. Hire community college students to build relationships and safety in the community.

Empowering Students

Educational Campaign for people to understand LACCD role
Expanding focused tutoring programs for black and Latino males